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What is a marble table?

Since the days of ancient Greek and Rome, marble has been a very popular material to be made into statues, buildings as well as furniture pieces. Being a natural stone that is quarried from the earth, marble has always been regarded as a symbol elegance as well as classic making it a sought after material for ancient kings and queens to have marble be made into statues of themselves, palace made out of white marbles as well as their furniture pieces

In present times, marble tables are often seen as a symbol of elegance as the natural patterns on the marble is unique to every piece that is made into a tabletop. Every pattern that is seen on a tabletop is unique only the that specific table and no two tabletop has the same pattern. It is because of this unique characteristic that made marble tables such a popular choice as a dining table

Being one of the most important furniture piece in a home, ND furniture understands how frustrating it is to look for a perfect table to fit your need. Here in ND furniture, we offer a wide range of marble tables differing in size, shape, as well as colors. Whether you are a newlywed looking for a small but stylish square table to fit your apartment, or a big family of eight looking for a round table so everyone can sit around a table and have a great meal together, we will have a perfect table for you

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